Detailing Training

Customized, one on one detailing training for any level of skill. Are you ready to advance your abilities and knowledge in the ever evolving world of detailing?


Customized Training Classes - Focus on the areas YOU want to improve


One on One - Personalized, full attention training the requested skill set


Professional - Get training from an industry leading business operator


Flexible - Choose the amount of training you want: full day or half day


Hands On - Real skill practice time with an active instructor


Certification of Completion - Display your training proudly

Phil Miranda

Phil Miranda is the Owner-Operator of Miranda Detailing, based out of VA. Phil brings more than 10 years of detailing experience as both a detailer and business owner. Well versed in paint correction, ceramic coatings, chemical knowledge and interior detailing.

Gabe Fletcher

Owner Operator of Total Detailing – Gabe brings cutting-edge IT, business growth & motivational power to our training sessions via his business growth program at Detailing 3.0 – Fluent in Paint Correction, Paint Protection Film, Ceramic Coatings & Detailing – Gabe will lead the charge for your training session. Gabe also operates his own product line Auto Surface Protection Products.

Brian Spitler

Brian Spitler is the Owner-Operator of Apex Auto Detailing, based out of Wernersville, PA. Brian brings years of industry pioneering experience in paint correction and surface protection to our team of instructors. Brian is also the founder of his secondary operation, Apex Surface Protection.

Jason Miller - KochChemie/KCX

Jason Miller, based out of Pittsburgh, is a manufacturer representative for KochChemie. Jason brings years of business experience as a detailer and business owner. Jason is the North East Territory Manager & Product Specalist for KochChemie.


The Detailing Workshop is proud to offer the industries FIRST customized training sessions. Below are some of the areas you can choose from:

Business Operation

Learn how to properly operate a successful detailing business and propel yourself into profitability. 

Mobile Detailing

Running a mobile detailing business efficiently is challenging. We can help you with that. 

Interior Work

Interiors require extensive knowledge of fabrics, surfaces & safe chemical combinations – we’ve got you covered.

Polisher Operation

Paint Enhancements, Paint Correction, Dual Action Random Orbital Polishers & more.

Ceramic Coatings

You can protect any surface with a Ceramic Coating. Learn the do’s & don’ts. 

Detailers Dilemma

Knowing when to stop can be difficult. We help you learn where to draw the line.

Up Selling

Offering additional services is a gateway to profitability. Missing this is a huge mistake.

Efficiency in Processes

How to perform tasks efficiently is extremely important. We’ve got that too.


Areas of Training

Length of Training Time

Special Perks for your business

Each student that completes any classes at The Detailing Workshop will receive these special benefits, available only to the student via our Partnership with Car Supplies Warehouse.


Machine Polisher Discounts


Access to Wholesale Product Prices


Weekly Business Tips Newsletter


One on One Business Coaching


Frequently Asked Questions

What can I learn at The Detailing Workshop?

The Detailing Workshop is a one of a kind experience. We are the industry’s first training program that offers training in every aspect of detailing that the student wants to learn. You get to choose the exact areas that you want training in and we will custom tailor a session JUST FOR YOU.

How much class time do I get?

Typically, most sessions are broken into 3 different lengths. 2 hours, 4 hours, and 8 hours. Some students may elect to have multiple days of training to maximize their visit value. 

Are there hotel accomdations?

There are a variety of hotels and lodging in our area. We can provide you a list of recommended hotels in our area at your time of inquiry. We are located in Chesterfield, VA & Pottstown, PA

Can I purchase the products I train with?

Yes! We will have an assortment of detailing tools, polishers, and products that you can train with. You will have the ability to purchase those tools at the end of your training session for a special price. 

How do I pay for a training session?

At the time of booking, the cost of your training session will be due in full. We will send you an electronic invoice for you to pay. 

What is the cancelation policy?

You have the option of canceling your training session for up to 7 days prior to the date you have selected for training. If you cancel your training session with less than 7 days notice of your session, you will only be refunded 75% of your training session costs.